Daniel Benson

Daniel's first job was at Burger King in Meadowhall, Sheffield, where his shift manager was an ex roadie with prog rock band Marillion. His first job on moving to London was in a factory packing partition walls into cardboard boxes, securing the job by emptying a full 15ft shipping container faster than anyone in the factory had done before - a precursor to his voracious attitude to work later in his life. His manager, Gerry, gave Daniel a position on the packing tables, working alongside Rod. Rod was an ex convict, who had spent 15 years in a California prison for selling amphetamines to Hells Angels. After Rod's incarceration he was swiftly deported and faced the realities of regular life and work in a West London suburb. After a year working alongside Rod and the metronomic aluminum stamping machine, Daniel clinched a job at a photo studio in East London. His sister applied for the job, pretending to be him, as Daniel had no internet at the time. With her ruse proving successful, he started working there around 2005. The rest, as they say, is history.

Selected Editorial –  i-D, Stella (Telegraph), The Guardian, Attitude, The Observer, Clash Magazine, Verities, Rollacoaster.

Selected Commercial – Adidas, Fred Perry, Primark, CAT Footwear, Hunter Boots, Sperry Footwear, Gloverall, Sony Music, Atlantic Records, XL Records.