Tom Andrew / Vogue Italia

14th September 2017

Tom Andrew photographs and directs short film for fashion editorial Strength In Tension, with Vogue Italia

Tom explains:

“I began developing the idea for ‘Strength In Tension’ after seeing a sculpture of dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham performing her piece ‘Laminations’. I later watched videos of the performance and became fascinated with the contained, concealed movement and the distortion of form.

I set out to create imagery and a short film that explore this restricted energy, while also constructing images with a statuesque like presence, to emulate the sculpture.

Martha would perform ‘Laminations’ on stage or a in studio with no set or props apart from a single bench. I wanted to keep this essence of open space by pulling back and showing elements of the set that would normally be cropped out from the final image.

I was also keen to show a shared connection in shape and energy, between subject and set, to present a similarity in exaggerated silhouettes shown on the exterior, whilst viewed with a knowledge of the differing forms beneath.”