Tom Andrew – Daniel Avery / Under the Tallest Arch

19th February 2019

Photographer and filmmaker, Tom Andrew takes found moments of dance from archive video footage filmed in clubs, including Avery’s ‘Glass’ video and explores them in a motion capture studio, with live interactive projections.

A progression of three characters, together with three styles of choreographed movement, represents a deeper understanding of music related to the state of mind from these archived moments.


Director : Tom Andrew
Dancer : Hannah Ekholm
VFX Producer & Sound Design : Ashely Keeler @Target3D
Motion Capture Engineer : Patros De Donker @Target3D
DOP : Joseph Dunn
Editor : Matt Nee @Metal
Colourist : Myles Bevan @Time Based Arts
Set Designer : Lucy Blofeld
Lighting & Projection : Insight Lighting
Hair & Makeup : Charli Avery
Assistant : Bradley Polkinghorne